The Prefab Panelized System

prefabrication panelThe BC Passive House prefabricated system is a mass wall system that is superinsulated and airtight while still being diffusion open to the exterior, ensuring the prevention of mold or failures that can occur in airtight homes.

The panelized system is broken into two main components, the structural component and the service wall component. The structural component contains the air barrier, the superinsulation and the structural requirements. The required panel thicknesses and R-values are determined using relevant climate data, the Passive House Planning Package Software (PHPP) and the design goals and energy objectives for the project. The interior service wall component contains some insulation and the plumbing and electrical. All panel connections and penetrations to the airtight barrier are taped and sealed with SIGA building tape and membrane products, maintaining the airtight barrier while still remaining diffusion open to the outside.